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Part I: Orach Chayim


  • ALENU - A prayer recited at the end of the service; see Ch. 9

  • AMIDAH - A shorter version of SHEMONEH ESREH, recited on Sabbaths and holidays and in MUSAF services; see Ch. 22.

  • ASHREI - Psalm 145.

  • BARECHU ("Bless HA-SHEM, Who is Blessed") - The opening passage of the morning and evening services when ten men are present; see Ch. 5.

  • BIMAH - A platform on which the Torah is read; see Chs. 10 - 11.

  • CHAMETZ - Leaven, forbidden on Passover; see Chs. 34 - 35.

  • CHANUKAH - A eight-day holiday, starting on the 25th of Kislev, commemorating the rededication of the Temple; see Ch. 48.

  • CHAROSES - A fruit dip used at the SEDER; see Ch. 37.

  • DUCHAN - A platform on which the KOHANIM recite the priestly blessing; see Ch. 9.

  • ERUV CHATZEROS - Food collected from people who wish to regard their private domains as a single domain; see Ch. 31.

  • ERUV TAVSHILIN - Food cooked before a holiday for the Sabbath, to permit preparations for the Sabbath to continue on the holiday; see Ch. 38.

  • ERUV TECHUMIN - Food deposited before the Sabbath to allow a person to measure his Sabbath boundary from the location of the food; see Ch.32.

  • ESROG - Citron, one of the Four Species held on SUKKOS; see Chs. 45, 47.

  • HAGGADAH - The text of the service at the Passover evening meal (the SEDER); see Chs. 34, 37.

  • HALLEL - Psalms 113-118; see Ch. 33.

  • HA-SHEM - The Name of G-d.

  • HAVDALAH - A prayer recited, usually over wine, after Sabbaths and holidays end; see Ch. 22.

  • HAVINENU - A short version of the middle blessings of SHEMONEH ESREH; see Ch. 7.

  • KADDISH - ("May His Great Name be Sanctified...") A prayer recited, at many points in the services, when ten men are present; see Ch. 5.

  • KARMELIS - A region of significant size that is neither a public nor private domain; see Ch. 30.

  • KEDUSHAH ("We will sanctify Your Name...") - A prayer added to the third blessing of the AMIDAH when it is repeated in a congregation; see Ch. 7.

  • KE-ZAYIS - A piece (of food) the size of an olive; see Chs.14 - 15.

  • KIDDUSH - A prayer recited, usually over wine, on the evenings and mornings of Sabbaths and holidays; see Ch. 22.

  • KINOS - Religious poems recited on the Ninth of Av in commemoration of the destruction of the Temple and other national disasters; see Goldenglatt RestaurantCh. 41.

  • KOHEN (pl. KOHANIM) - Descendants of Aaron who served as priests in the Temple.

  • LA-MENATZEACH - Psalm 20.

  • LULAV - Palm branch, one of the Four Species held on SUKKOS; see Chs.45,47.

  • MAROR - Bitter herbs, eaten at the SEDER; see Ch. 37.

  • MATZAH (pl. MATZOS) - Unleavened bread, eaten on Passover; see Ch. 36.

  • MEKOM PETUR - A small or elevated region that is neither a public nor private domain; see Ch. 30.

  • MUSAF - An additional service, recited on Sabbaths, New Moons, and holidays; see Ch. 22.

  • NEILAH - A closing service, recited on YOM KIPPUR; seeCh. 41.

  • OMER - A count of 49 days, beginning on the second day of Passover; see Ch. 37.

  • PIYUTIM - Religious poems incorporated into the prayers.

  • PURIM - A holiday (the 14th or 15th of Adar) commemorating the events described in the Book of Esther; seeCh. 49.

  • ROSH HA-SHANAH - The New Year (the first and second days of Tishrei); see Ch. 43.

  • SEDER - The service at the Passover evening meal; see Ch. 37>.

  • SELICHOS - Penitential prayers, recited on fast days and on the days preceding ROSH HA-SHANAH and YOM KIPPUR; see Chs. 41 - 43.

  • SHAVUOS (Pentecost) - A holiday celebrateed just after counting the OMER; see Ch. 37.

  • SHEKEL - A Biblical coin.

  • SHEMA - Three passages from the Torah, dealing with G-d and His Commandments, that are recited every morning and evening; see Ch. 6.

  • SHEMONEH ESREH - A prayer, originally consisting of 18 blessings, that is recited at each of the daily services; see Chs. 7-8.

  • SHEMINI ATZERES - A holiday (the 22nd of Tishrei) celebrated just after Tabernacles (SUKKOS); see Ch. 45.

  • SHOFAR - A horn blown on ROSH-HA-SHANAH; see Ch. 43.

  • SUKKAH (pl. SUKKOS) - A booth which one must use as his primary residence during SUKKOS; see Chs. 45 -46.

  • SUKKOS (Tabernacles) - A seven-day holiday starting on the 15th of Tishrei; see Ch. 45.

  • TACHANUN - A prayer of supplication, recited at the end of the morning and afternoon services; see Ch. 9.

  • TALLIS - A large four-cornered garment worn during prayers; see also TZITZIS.

  • TEFILLIN - Phylacteries; leather boxes containing passages from the Torah, worn on the arm and head; see Chs. 3 - 4.

  • TZITZIS - Fringes on the four corners of a garment; see Ch. 2, and see also TALLIS.

  • U-VA LE-TZION - A prayer containing verses of KEDUSHAH, recited daily; see Ch. 9.

  • VE-ATAH KADOSH - The part of U-VA LE-TZION beginning with the verses of KEDUSHAH; see Ch. 22.

  • YOM KIPPUR - The Day of Atonement (the tenth of Tishrei); see Ch. 44.

    Shulchan Aruch, Copyright (c) 2000 Project Genesis, Inc.



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