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Project Genesis

Project Genesis is the best site for serious Jewish education on the Internet - period. It has won more awards then any other in Jewish cyberspace. This is a wonderful example of how the Internet can pull together resources and offer them, free to users worldwide, in a way that couldn't be done face to face.

Project Genesis offers a wide (and growing) range of classes that can appeal to the beginner as well as the advanced Judaica student, with classes on the Torah, ethics, halacha, and more. A few of the classes are translated into other languages (e.g., Spanish and Russian), and all the classes are entirely free and fully archived.

The site is beautiful, with links directly to classes, a commentary on the current week's portion, and other timely and seasonal events-such as a commentary on Bill Moyer's PBS Genesis series. While this is written from an Orthodox perspective (as is most of the educational material found on the 'Net'), partisanship takes a back seat to enthusiasm, optimism, and scholasticism.

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