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The Truth Warms a Sukkah!

By Rabbi Label Lam

WeDo the Mizvah with care
For the required minutiae
Breathe cold Sukkah air
And sense the Kedushah

That HASHEM with His lens
Then down at us peers
Through the Skach sparse and dense
With a look which endears

A strong sense of love
Safety and hope
As we gaze back above
Through a Torah-Scope

In that small silly hut
Where cold winds provoke us
We feel rather chilly, but
Our lives are in focus

As you sit in your Sukkos
And look for a star
Remember the Avos
And know who you are

A Jew in a Booth
A transient home
A body- in truth
With a G-dly dome!

An old original poem dusted off for Yom Tov by Rabbi Label Lam

Chag Somayach!

DvarTorah, Copyright 2007 by Rabbi Label Lam and



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