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Chapter 141:15
Laws of the Megillah

15. A person who has a Megillah scroll which is not kosher ("Pasul") or a printed text ("Chumash") of the Megillah, in front of him [during the Megillah reading], should not read along with the reader, because if he did, it would be difficult for him to concentrate on hearing what the reader is reciting. Furthermore, even if he [himself] can concentrate, another person might hear him reading and focus on it rather than concentrating on the reader. Similarily, no one should assist the reader by memory. By the same token, the four verses of redemption (1) which the congregation customarily recites aloud, should be repeated by the reader from a kosher Megillah (2).


(1) Esther 2:5 ("Ish Yehudi..."), 8:15 ("U'Mordechai Yatza..."), 8:16 ("LaYehudim Hayesa Orah.."), 10:3 ("Ki Mordechai HaYehudi...").

(2) In order to fulfill the obligation, one must read the Megillah, or hear it being read from a kosher scroll. One who recites the words of the Megillah from memory or hears someone recite it from memory, has not fulfilled his obligation.


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