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Chapter 52: 1-3
Laws of Ho'eitz,Hadomoh and Shehakol

1. For fruit which grows on trees, the blessing borey pri ho'eitz is recited. For produce that grows on the ground - e.g., turnips, vegetables, beans, corn, and herbs - the blessing borey pri ho'adomoh is recited.

In this context, a tree is defined as one whose branches remain in the winter and which produces leaves [the following spring]. Even a tree with leaves as thin as stalks of flax is included in this category. If, however, the branches fall off entirely during the winter and only its trunk remains, it is not considered a tree in this context, and we recite the blessing borey pri ho'adomoh for its fruit.

2. For food which does not grow from the ground - e.g., meat, fish, milk, cheese - and, similarly, for all beverages with the exception of wine and olive oil, the blessing shehakol nih'yoh bidivoro is recited. The yud in the word nih'yoh should be pronounced with a komatz ("uh").*

* {The Mogen Avrohom 204:14 and the Chayei Odom mention opinions that suggest pronouncing the yud with a segol ("eh").}

3. Through truffles and mushrooms derive nurture from the moisture of the earth, they do not derive this nurture directly from the earth, but rather from the air. Therefore, they are not categorized as produce of the ground, and the blessing shehakol is recited for them.

   Ho'eitz,Hadomoh and Shehakol
Paragraphs 4-6
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