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Chapter 64:1-4
Dealing with Forbidden Goods

1. We are prohibited to do business with or accept as collateral any substance which the Torah forbids one to eat, even though we are permitted to benefit from it. It is even forbidden to but it with the intention of feeding it to a non-Jew.

However, one may trade in forbidden articles which are not prepared to be eaten - e.g., horses or donkeys. Non-kosher fat may also be sold, for [Leviticus 7:24 explicitly] states: "It may be used for any other service."

2. Nevertheless, if, by chance, a person comes into possession of a forbidden article - e.g., he was fishing and unintentionally caught a non-kosher fish, or one of his animals died or was attacked - he may sell it, since he did not intend to possess it. However, he must sell it immediately, without waiting for it to fatten in his possession.

Similarly, he is allowed to sell [a forbidden article acquired unintentionally], using [a Jewish] agent, even though the agent will also make a profit. However, the agent may not buy the article outright, since that would be considered as if he were doing business with non-kosher items.

3. Similarly, it is permissible to accept non-kosher food items as payment for debts, provided they are sold immediately. It is forbidden to maintain possession of them in the hope of making a profit. Nevertheless, one may hold them in one's possession to avoid suffering a loss.

4. Foods which are forbidden only because of Rabbinic decree - e.g., non-Jewish cheese - may be purchased for trade.

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