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Every day, we are confronted by basic questions of honesty. For example:

  • If the motel operator says they accept three children in a room, can you bring a fourth?
  • If someone blocks your driveway, are you liable for damage done while getting your car out?
  • If you break an appliance, can you ask for a replacement under warranty?
  • Is it OK if the librarian is a personal friend, and tells you to forget the fines you owe for overdue books?

Sometimes the answers appear obvious -- sometimes the question is more subtle. And, sometimes, we forget basic principles "in the heat of the moment" and reason to ourselves that "everyone does it" or "it's really ok."

We need to have a better understanding of the issues involved, so we are more equipped to deal with when they arise. To help us in this endeaver, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vodaas, has agreed to answer our questions.

This new class is intended as a workshop for personal growth. Each week, a question will be posted to the list for your thought and consideration. How would you answer? What would you do?

Then, the following week, we'll see how Rabbi Belsky answers the question -- and send out a question for the following week.

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