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Summary of The Haftorah:

Haftorah Bereishis
Isaiah 42:5 - 43:10

The first verse of the Haftorah connects the reading to the theme of the Parsha. "So said G-d. "Hashem Who creates the heavens…" However, Yishaya's prophecy is not recounting the past; instead, it describes creation as an ongoing phenomenon and process. "In His goodness He constantly renews Creation every day." As such, we should begin each day with a "new song" (43:10) proclaiming G-d's praises.

The concept of daily recreation is the foundation for renewed optimism regardless of past failures and consequences. We start fresh every day - and in truth, every moment. At the same time it challenges us not to rest on past laurels. Every day we must renew our determination to realize and accomplish the purpose of our individual and national creation.

What is that purpose? (43:10) "You are My witnesses… and My servant whom I have chosen, so that you will know and believe in Me, and understand that I am He …"

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