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Parshios Naso & Shavuos

Parshas Naso and Chag Shavuos

"Your Rabbi's Rabbi must be over 100 years old and still dynamic!!"

"Actually, his Rabbi is dead for over 50 years, but my Rabbi still lives and breathes the Kaminetz Yeshiva." (Kaminetz was a great Yeshiva in pre- WW2 Europe.)

"And afterwards the Nazir (one who vowed to abstain from drinking wine for a period of time) may drink wine." (Bimidbar 6:20). Why does the Torah still refer to him as a Nazir at the time that he can drink wine? The Alshich explains that since he did it to elevate his spirituality, when he stays on that level, the Torah still refers to him as a Nazir. Similarly, the spiritual growth we get from learning Torah, doing a mitzva, or observing a holiday, is meant to be permanent !!

A Jew can come out of Shul, but can the Shul come out of the Jew? Hopefully not.

Have a good Yom Tov and Shabbos !!

Rabbi Chaim Flom



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