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Parshas Pinchas

Make Your Presence Known

"Whenever my kids get wild, I always try to imagine what your daughter would do. They never fight when she's here."

When Aharon died at Hor Hahar and Bnai Yisrael lost the "protective clouds", they were attacked by Canaan (Bimidbar 20:28-21:1). Rashi in our Parsha (Bimidbar 26:13) tells us that, based on Divorim 10:6, many Jews ran away and that created a civil war in Moserah. The Torah states that Aharon died there in Moserah. Rav Shimon Schwab zt"l, explains that since Aharon was a great peace-maker, there had never been a civil war before. Therefore, although he died in Hor Hahar, his death was actually "felt" in Moserah.

What type of atmosphere do you create??

Have a great Shabbos !!

Rabbi Chaim Flom



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