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Parshas Bo

Appreciate the Small Things

"This is one of the nicest weddings that I've ever attended. When it finishes, all you have to do is tell the caterer that the liver wasn't so good."

When the Jews left Egypt, the Torah says "and to all the Jews no dog barked" (Shemos 11:7). Rav Zelig Pliskin explains that G-d made this miracle, because we were joyous at being liberated from slavery, and G-d didn't want that joy minimized in any way. Even though the dogs' barking seems insignificant, Hashem is letting us know that even a small minimization of joy should be avoided.

Don't be a party pooper !!

Have a great Shabbos !!

Rabbi Chaim Flom

Text Copyright 2008 by Rabbi Chaim Flom and



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