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Parshas Tetzaveh

Too Humble?

"I can't understand why our annual dinner flopped. Before I left, I arranged a great chairman, we had great honorees, and the timing was perfect."

"Well, the one you asked to be chairman felt that he wasn't deserving of the honor, so he didn't do it."

At the "Burning Bush", when G-d wanted Moshe to take leadership of Bnei Yisrael, Moshe adamantly declined because he felt that his brother Aaron deserved it. G-d had Moshe take it, but took away the High Priesthood which He was going to give Moshe also (Shemos Rabba 3:17). So, according to the Rosh, since the Kohain Godol's (High Priest) garments are discussed in Titzaveh, that's why it is the only Parsha since Moshe was born, until Devorim (Deuteronomy), that Moshe's name is not mentioned!

Even though humility is a greatly valued Jewish trait, never let it prevent you from doing what you are supposed to be doing. (Especially since sometimes our "humility" is based on arrogance or laziness.)

Have a great Shabbos!!

Rabbi Chaim Flom

Text Copyright 2008 by Rabbi Chaim Flom and



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