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The Book of Life

From Rosh Hashana until Yom Kippur, we make a number of additions in the first and last sections. We ask Hashem to inscribe us for life, sustenance and everything else we need for a successful year. As explained earlier, since we are asking on behalf of the entire Jewish people, these requests are permitted in the first and last three blessings of Shemoneh Esrei.

If a person forgets one of these additions and remembers his omission before saying Hashem's Name, he should go back and repeat the blessing. Otherwise, he should continue Shemoneh Esrei. Since these prayers constitute additional praise, if one leaves them out completely he does not need to repeat Shemoneh Esrei. (Mishna Berura 582,16). However, if one forgets to say Hamelech Hakadosh, “the Holy King,” in the third blessing he must repeat Shemoneh Esrei.

What should one do if he accidentally mentions these additions during other times of the year? If he has not finished that blessing of Shemoneh Esrei, he should return to the place were he erred and repeat it without the superfluous words. Otherwise, he should complete Shemoneh Esrei without any changes (Mishna Berura 104,21).

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