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No Beginning

We must keep in mind that when we pray, we are conversing with Hashem. The first thing we say should be an expression of both praise and humility before Him. Therefore, brachos generally start with the word “baruch,” which has the dual implication of both increasing Hashem’s honor and bending our knees before Him.

However, two of the brachos of Shema, Ahava Rabba and Emes V’Yatziv, do not start with the word “baruch.” Why is this so?

These blessings are considered “brachos samuchos,” blessings which are joined to other ones. Since they are preceded by brachos that start with “Baruch Atah Hashem,” it is considered as if they have a share in the baruch of these other blessings. Even though Emes V'Yatziv is separated from a baruch by the words of Shema which precede it, this is not considered an interruption since it is all following the same theme (Mishna Berura 54,1).

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