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Small Sacrifices: Understanding Parashas Korbanos

Standing Up

As mentioned previously, our Sages tell us that reciting the Torah verses of korbanos is like bringing an offering in the Temple. This description raises a fundamental question. Are we like the Yisrael, the regular Jew who was the owner of the animal, or like the Kohen, the priest who performed the sacrifice in the Temple?

Some halachic authorities consider the person saying korbanos to be like a Kohen. In the Temple, Kohanim were always standing up when they offered korbanos. Since the recitation of korbanos is meant to represent the Temple service, some poskim write that the passages should be said while standing.

Other authorities argue that the person who says korbanos represents the Yisrael, who brought the animal to be offered. Therefore, they maintain that one may sit when reciting the verses. Many authorities state that while the verses of the Korban Tamid should be said standing up, the other verses may be said while seated (Mishna Berura 48,1).

The Aruch Hashulchan offers a fascinating compromise between these opinions, bringing the Temple service to life in our times. He rules that a Kohen should recite the korbanos standing, similar to the way he performed the offerings in the Temple. Levi’im and Yisraelim can say this section sitting down, since they did not participate in the actual sacrifice in the Temple (Aruch Hashulchan 1,26).

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