The Holy Western Wall has been the preferred site for Jewish prayer since the destruction of the Second Temple nearly 2000 years ago — but the ability to pray there regularly is quite recent. Yet even during the period of the British Mandate, Rabbi Shlomo Goldman, called “Rebbe Shlomke Zvhiller” (as he was the great-grandson of Rebbe Moshe of Zvhil), said that he saw forty days of prayer by the Western Wall as a “great opening to salvation and rescue,” and advised many who came to him for his blessing to undertake this effort. He called the Western Wall the “central post office” for prayers ascending to Heaven!

The saintly Rav Zalman Baharan of Jerusalem, too, advised those coming to him for salvation from difficulties that there is a great virtue in going for 40 consecutive days to the Western Wall.

In more recent times, the teacher and judge Rav Yisrael Yaakov Fisher ob”m said that forty days of prayer at the Western Wall constitute a special virtue, a recipe for success — especially in the area of finding a spouse.

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