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Immediately after the Revelation at Sinai, Moses ascended to Heaven for forty days to learn the Torah and receive the Tablets with the Ten Commandments. When he returned, he found the Jewish Nation had sinned with the Golden Calf. He ascended for another forty days simply to plead for the Nation to be forgiven. [Deut. 9:18] Then he stayed yet another forty days to receive the Second Tablets.

While every prayer is heard in Heaven, Tradition attaches special significance to Prayer when:

  • Repeated for forty days.
  • Said in the holiest of places.
  • Accompanied by Prayer, Study and Psalms.

In our day, religious law teaches that the holiest site that we may visit is the Western Wall of the Holy Temple. The Holy Bible says “Behold, He stands behind our wall.” [Song of Songs 2:9] Our Rabbis teach in the Medrash that unlike the rest of the Temple, the Western Wall will never be destroyed, for the Divine Presence is in the western part [Bamidbar Rabba 11:2]. R’ Acha assures us that “the Divine Presence will never move from the Western Wall” [Shemos Rabba 2:2].

When these three are combined, they have a powerful effect in Heaven for your prayers to be answered. And decause it is difficult for most people to travel themselves to the Western Wall for forty consecutive days, one may have a representative go on his or her behalf to recite Psalms and pray — as our Rabbis teach, “a person’s representative is like the person himself.” This is the powerful Jerusalem tradition that we make available for you, to have a representative pray on behalf of you or a loved one.

By working with a holy and devoted messenger, you add yet another important element: your charitable support of scholars and Torah study. Your donation supports Jewish education through, and the scholarly individuals who say prayers on behalf of you and your loved ones.

Each weekday evening, a select group of Rabbis gather in a designated room in the Western Wall tunnels — at midnight. These men constitute the Western Wall Midnight Kollel, founded 40 years ago by the Dean of the Kollel, Rabbi Mordechai Shapiro. They say the Tikkun Chatzot, a unique collection of Psalms, prayers and Kabbalistic texts, said to lament the destruction of the Holy Temple.

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How it Works

While every prayer is heard in Heaven, Jewish Tradition attaches special significance to these prayers..

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