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A Holy Messenger at the Wall

Rav Shalom Schwadron was known as the “Maggid of Jerusalem” for his wonderful and inspirational stories — many of which have been written down and published in English by Rabbi Paysach Krohn in a series of “Maggid” books. Rav Schwadron gathered many of his stories from others, but this one happened to him personally.

One of his daughters reached the age of 4, and was still unable to walk on her own. Her parents did everything, going to the best of doctors but to no avail; they were out of ideas. Mrs. Schwadron went to see the holy Rebbe, Rav Shlomke of Zhvill, telling him that they have done all they can.

The Rebbe told her, “please go to the Western Wall for 40 consecutive days, and salvation will certainly come!”

Rather than delighting her, Mrs. Schwadron looked crestfallen. With tears in her eyes, she explained that with so many young children she could not go, and she knew her husband was so busy with his studies and obligations that he could not either. Immediately the Rebbe answered, “I will go in your place!”

Mrs. Schwadron counted the days one by one. Finally, she announced to her family, “today is the fortieth day!” As soon as she said so, her daughter stood up and ran to her, and from that day forward walked like anyone else.

Ready for Marriage

A young man had spent 5 years looking for a spouse, with no success. He heard about praying for 40 consecutive days by the Western Wall, and decided to try.

During those 40 days, a young woman who did not feel ready for dating saw her life change dramatically, confronting difficult situations which gave her maturity and confidence. At the end of those 40 days she felt ready to begin dating for marriage.

Today they live with their young family in the Old City of Jerusalem!

We Meet Again

A Canadian woman had sought a spouse for several years. She was beautiful, intelligent, popular and independent, and no one understood why she was still unmarried. One of her friends convinced her to try 40 consecutive days at the Western Wall, although this required a leave of absence from work and a stay in Israel.

After her final prayers at the Western Wall on the fortieth day, she “coincidentally” encountered someone she had dated previously, who, like her, was still looking. They decided to try again, and were soon engaged to be married!

Today they live in Toronto, along with their infant daughter.

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Success Stories

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