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We now provide the opportunity for a special web page created to honor the memory of a departed loved one, which will appear continuously on our web site, available to millions of Internet users. You can acquire this permanent testimony with a minimum gift of $1000. Contact us for more information.

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Recent Articles

  • Joy Therapy

    “…He shall dwell in isolation; his dwelling shall be outside the camp” (13:46) The Torah teaches us that the Metzorah must remain in isolation, away from human contact.The Talmud explains that a Metzora is guilty of anti-social behavior and therefore he is separated from society.1 Nevertheless, Rashi tells us that a Kohain should not proclaim […]

  • Doves and Relationships

    This week we read the double parsha of Tazria-Metzora. Tazria begins with the ritual purity laws that pertain to childbirth. “When a woman gives birth to a male… And if she gives birth to a female… And upon the completion of these days of her purification she will bring a lamb as a burnt offering […]

  • Children

    The Torah is pro-family. It commands people to marry and have children. This week’s parsha deals with the ritual laws of cleanliness and impurity inherent in giving birth to a child. Though the laws of purity and impurity have little consequence in our lives today due to the absence of the Temple and its rituals, […]

  • A Matter Of Life And Death

    The tiny bundle of pink flesh, with the tightly clenched fists and eyes, emits a lusty cry, and suddenly, all faces are wreathed in smiles. The child is alive! It is the moment of greatest wonder, the revelation of the marvelous miracle of life. What are the consequences of this momentous, life-affirming event? Let us […]

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