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These are the individual tractates of Nezikin, the forth order of the Mishna. These descriptions are not meant as Halachic decisions. Please consult an Orthodox Rabbi for specific information.

  • Bava Kama – Civil law (damages) and (non-capital) criminal law (i.e. theft).
  • Bava Metziah – Business law.
  • Bava Basra – Property law.
  • Sanhedrin – The set up of the Jewish court system and criminal (capital) law.
  • Makos – Non capital punishments (i.e. whippings).
  • Shevuous – The laws of oaths.
  • Edios – Various laws from across the board… connected by their having been brought as “testimony” in various Yeshivas (Talmudic academies).
  • Avoda Zara – Laws of idol worship (a big no-no).
  • Horiyos (Horiyot) – the laws governing Judaism’s “ruling class.” – what happens to a high court, high priest or king who issues a legal ruling in error or who sins. It’s interesting that the Torah seems to focus primarily on creating and maintaining perfect and moral government, rather than perpetuating its power
  • Avos – The famous “Ethics of the Fathers” – religious advice.