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Whether you are a first-time or repeat visitor, welcome to our new site!

As you explore, you will probably notice that various things are still rough around the edges. Pages that used to lead somewhere generate 404 (page not found) errors, classes may not specify the teacher and other information, and there will certainly be formatting errors and extraneous characters on various pages.

Transferring 30,000 files worth of content to a new interface is a daunting task; something we discussed for years before trying to implement. We knew that a modern content management system would improve things tremendously, but we also knew how much work was involved. We are almost done.

A good website is never done, and certainly we add to every week. Realizing that the perfect is the enemy of the good, we decided to move forward knowing that some things were not ready. We have new and helpful Passover content that we did not want to wait another year before presenting, and similar improvements — plus we knew that we would more quickly determine the rough edges once the site was live.

Thank you for your patience. Please be aware that we track all 404 errors — we’ll know if you visited a non-working page. You can also let us know about other errors at feedback -at-

You may also visit our old site to check there for content that has not yet be transferred.

Thank you for your patience, and again, welcome!