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I own a set of Rabbi Reisman tapes. I wanted to have a friend listen to one of the tapes that I particularly liked. As an insurance against his losing the tape, can I make a copy of the tape and put it in the closet? I won’t use the copied tape unless my friend, or someone else I lend it to, happens to lose it. Then at least I will have a copy that I can listen to again. I assume copying of tapes in general is not allowed, but would this be a case where it would be allowed?


Yes. It is customary to do this. If someone has an expensive tape, and he’s afraid of losing it, or he’s afraid it might get destroyed, he can make a copy of it.


There are two buses that go from the Wall Street area to Monsey in the evening, about 40 minutes apart. One day I just missed the first bus. Near the bus stop is a fancy new hotel. Can I go into the lobby of the hotel to wait for the next bus? Can I sit on a couch in the lobby? Can I use their bathroom? Can I take out my laptop PC and do some work? Do I have to ask at the reception desk if I can do these things? Could I do such a thing if it happened every week?

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