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Climbing the ladder to success is oftentimes more taxing than struggling to the top of Mount Everest. Daily problems necessitate constant improvement of systems and procedures needed to keep one on the cutting edge along with the competition. It is really amazing how much one can improve and change as one grows his or her business or personality.

Many feel that there is an end to the rainbow. “There is a point of no return — right?” Just when you think you can grow no more someone new comes along with a simple suggestion — a slight change — that yields fantastic results. One must always be open to constructive criticism and open to suggestion. One must constantly question the status quo.

Improvement has no limits. Even an “old dog” can learn “new tricks”. The better way can open new vistas of opportunity and doorways to success. You don’t have to find something new just new ways to do old things better.


One who is reciting the Keriyat Shema may not signal with his eyes, or mouth out words with his lips, or indicate with his fingers during the first paragraph, which, is the essential portion of acceptance of the yoke of Heaven. These activities belittle the Shema which, to the contrary, must be an established firm commitment not a casual one.

[Source: Shulhan Arukh, O’H, Siman 63:6]


For every breath we take, we ought to thank Hashem.

Beresheet Rabbah 14:11

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