A Mount Sinai Wedding

Shavuos occurs fifty days after the first day of Passover, and is the anniversary of our acceptance of the Torah at Mount Sinai.¬†On this day, we celebrate God’s special gift to us, a code of moral and ethical conduct that has held us together as a nation for thousands of years.

During the time of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, Shavuos was one of the three holidays for which the Torah Commands us to make a pilgrimage to the that Temple, bringing with us the first fruits of the new harvest.

A Unique Encounter

The Torah teaches that at Sinai, G-d did not reveal Himself to a single individual. Rather, He spoke to the entire Jewish nation.

Moses Commanded Us the Torah

Did we hear the commandments from Moses, or from G-d Himself? Insight into Sinai's "out of body experience" is revealed through the Ten Commandments.

Shavuos Perspectives

A smorgasbord of perspectives into the depth and meaning of this monumental holiday.