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<span>Haftorah Commentary</span>

Haftorah Commentary

The reading of the Haftorah dates back to the Second Jewish Commonwealth, during the era of the Greek empire. Our enemies recognized the vitality of the Torah and banned us from reading the weekly Torah portion. In response, the Rabbis of those days substituted the reading of a segment from the Prophets, commonly known as the Haftorah. They carefully chose specific sections of the Prophets which correspond to the sedra and intended through this to capture the lessons of the weekly Torah portion. Although the Torah reading has been restored, the Haftorah remains an integral part of Shabbos and Yom Tov experience.

Rabbi Dovid Siegel isolates a hidden theme of the Haftorah after presenting a general overview of the Haftorah together with historic background. He then finds a common thread which runs through the haftorah and the weekly Torah portion. Rabbi Siegel draws from the commentaries and midrashic sources and reveals ethic and moral lessons contained within the Haftorah. He clearly demonstrates how the timely words of our Prophets are, in truth, reflections of the Torah, and attempts to translate them into our daily life.

Rabbi Dovid Siegel is the Rosh Kollel Emeritus of Kollel Toras Chesed of Skokie. He and his family are currently living in Israel and he is Rosh Kollel of Kollel Toras Chaim of Kiryat Sefer.

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