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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Project Genesis?

Project Genesis is one of the fastest-growing Jewish outreach programs today.

Project Genesis promotes further Jewish education about our Jewish roots, as represented in Jewish sources. Project Genesis believes that this is the best way to restore self-respect, self-confidence, and an interest in our own continuity, among modern Jewish collegiates and unaffiliated Jews worldwide. Project Genesis works to establish a strong Jewish identity, expand Jewish knowledge, and encourage its participants to become more involved with Judaism and the Jewish community.

2. What does Project Genesis do?

Project Genesis has found great success with its network of “on-line classes” — a unique program in Jewish studies offered on the Internet to people just like you, all over the world. The Project Genesis Global Learning Network provides computer-based resources, using the Web and Email, so that you may add Jewish learning to your day wherever you are. [We’ve even received a grateful email from Antartica.] Project Genesis educational material reaches hundreds of thousands worldwide every week.

We maintain our full class archives here on for visitors and new subscribers, and provide other educational materials here as well. In addition, we offer information on a wide range of Jewish programs, speakers and special events, and link our visitors to other sites of Jewish interest.

3. Affiliation

Are you affiliated with any other Jewish group?


But really – what’s your label?

Jewish. Isn’t that enough?

Well, aren’t you part of one group or another?

No. Really! We try to just spend our time doing Jewish learning. Our heritage is the one thing that all Jews share. Our teachers are Orthodox, so they approach the tradition from a traditional perspective (which is logical, after all). But our program so carefully avoids labels and politics that Conservative and Reform Rabbis have actively expressed their support of the program to their congregants and colleagues

4. Privacy

Do you share your mailing lists with other parties?

No, we do not allow any other parties to use or access our mailing lists. We do work with an advertising agency, but all mailings to our subscribers are preapproved by us, and the proceeds are used to support our programs.

What about site cookies?

Currently, we only use cookies in a relatively automated way, and maintain no information ourselves. We do work with Google Analytics, which helps us understand how users explore the site, and to provide unique Adwords ads on Google search for repeat visitors and unique demographics (what they call “remarketing”). Advertisers and third parties have no access to your personal information. You may, however, use the Google Analytics Opt-out if you are concerned.

More Questions?

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