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Judaism Primer


What is Torah?

If you want to know the Jewish approach to some issue; to define who the Jewish people are; to taste and smell and feel Judaism – reach for Torah. But what is the Torah? Can you pin it down and define its borders? Where do you start? Why not right here…?

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Emunah:  Jewish Belief

Who is God? How does He run His world? What does He expect from us, His creations? Judaism has lots to say about all this and here’s the place where we’ll try to cover some of the essentials.

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The Temple

The Bais HaMikdash: The Holy Temple in Jerusalem

Recent events have, once again, drawn attention to ancient Jerusalem and its temples. It’s old news (some of it nearly 3000 years old, actually), but like everything else, connected with Judaism and the Torah, it never seems to get stale.

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