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Torah Therapy

Loneliness is a disconnection from the world and from ourselves. even when surrounded by others— sometimes especially then—this disconnect can be overwhelming, and can lead to a sense of emptiness and isolation: we feel alone against the world. ultimately, self-worth and self-esteem are often casualties of loneliness, and can even make us feel unworthy of love. D:\My Documents\Yisroel Roll\Downloads\torah-org-ad-banners-2 (2).jpgPervasive loneliness can also erode our sense of purpose, leading to a state of dissociation, which varies from a mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe forms of emotional detachment. These, too, contribute to a sense of worthlessness. A cycle begins of going to sleep depressed, and waking the next morning frightened and overwhelmed at the prospect of the day. Often, these psychological symptoms lead to lethargy and physical weakness, and, without vital physical or emotional energy, there are those who reach a point while evaluating their decisions— perhaps even their lives—and they find themselves asking, Well, what’s the point? It is easy to believe that loneliness is something that happens to us, and, therefore, that we have no control over it. The truth— which we will explore together in this book—is that we are faced with a real choice when things happen to us: we can give in to loneliness—spiraling into feelings of detachment, rejection, alienation, powerlessness—or we can recognize the opportunity for aloneness, which is a journey within the self.