Rejoice in the Safety of His Shelter

Sukkos begins on the 15th day of Tishrei and runs for seven days. It is a holiday of happiness, in part due to the celebration surrounding the harvest. The observances unique to this holiday are:

  • The taking of the Four Species
  • Our dwelling in Sukkot – special booths that remind us of G-d’s protection.

Although Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah appear to be the eighth (and ninth day, in the Diaspora) of Sukkos, in actuality, they are a separate holiday, which demonstrates G-d’s love of the Jewish people, and the celebration of the Jewish people for the completion of the Torah.

Sukkah Dwelling 101

Rosh Hashanah presents a special opportunity to celebrate with our King when He is close to us, and grow in our efforts to remain close to Him throughout the coming year.

Shake the Lulav

Why do Jews all around the world blow the Shofar? What is so special about blowing the Shofar and not another horn? Why on Rosh HaShana?

Sukkos Perspectives

A wide variety of perspectives into the depth and meaning of this monumental holiday.