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Each week, Parsha-Insights expounds upon two or three topics from the weekly parsha. Issues that are relevant to every day life are explained and applied, often using stories of great Jewish leaders and personal anecdotes and experiences of the author. The aim is to expose the depth, beauty, warmth and applicability of our Torah.

The author, Rabbi Yisroel Ciner is a Rebbe [teacher] at Neveh Zion, located in Telzstone (outside of Yerushalayim). Neveh Zion is geared toward students with at least some degree of a Yeshiva background, and aims to motivate them and instill in them a love for Judaism. Rabbi Ciner's weekly parsha classes are infused with this "Neveh spirit", building upon different meaningful and applicable aspects of the parsha and choosing concepts which show the warmth and beauty of the Torah and its adherents.

Articles on Balak and The Three Weeks
A Purifying Proccess
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5762
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5761
The Fourth Patriarch
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5761
Jewish Dwellings
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5760
Donkey Talk
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5759
Welcome, Oh Honored Me!
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5758
Kamtza and Bar-Kamtza
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5758
You Can't Pick Your Cards...
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, 5757

If you'd like, you can see the list of all archived Parsha Insights articles, or the index to all archived Torah Portion articles.

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Shlomo Katz - 5774

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> Our Father, Our Light
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Miriam's Death
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Rabbi Pinchas Winston - 5770

Rabbi Label Lam - 5771

Frumster - Orthodox Jewish Dating

A Judgement Call
Rabbi Yehudah Prero - 5758

Unusual Circumstances
Rabbi Pinchas Winston - 5772

A 'Well' Learned Lesson
Rabbi Dovid Green - 5759


Faithful Contentment
Rabbi Naphtali Hoff - 5774

Storm On The Horizon
Rabbi Pinchas Winston - 5761

Murphy's Day
Rabbi Pinchas Winston - 5761

Prophet Motive
Rabbi Label Lam - 5761

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