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Parshas Tzav

A Loss of Money

"I had that "techie" come and spend 4 hours here taking care of my computer."

"I hope you paid him for it, or at least offered to pay."

"No, he wasn't busy anyhow."

When the Torah says "Command Aaron..." Rashi says this denotes an "urging" to fulfill the Mitzva. Then Rashi says, "Especially where there is a loss of money involved." What is the "loss of money"? Some commentaries explain that since the Kohen (priest) involved would spend many hours on this, and possibly not get any financial payment, it is called a loss of money.

When evaluating other people's work, we must try looking through their eyes and not ours!!

Have a great Shabbos!!

Rabbi Chaim Flom

Text Copyright 2008 by Rabbi Chaim Flom and



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