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These are the individual tractates of Kodashim, the fifth order of the Mishna. These descriptions are not meant as halachic decisions. Please consult an Orthodox Rabbi for specific information.

  • Zevachim – The laws concerning the bringing of animal offerings in the Temple.
  • Menachos – The laws of meal offerings in the Temple.
  • Chulin – The laws of ritual slaughter (shechita) and kashrus.
  • Bechoros – The laws of the first born male child (both animal and human).
  • Erchin – The value of a pledge to the Temple “on my life/on my child’s life” etc.
  • Temura – The (illegal) transfer of holiness from one potential animal sacrifice to another.
  • Krisos – The bringing of sin offerings or other offerings for the more serious sins.
  • Me’ila – The accidental personal use of Temple property.
  • Tamid – The laws of the daily service in the Temple.
  • Midos – A description of the second Temple in Jerusalem.
  • Kinim – The laws of bird offerings in the Temple.