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By Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern | Series: | Level:

Yiddish nachas is one of the greatest wishes of every Jewish parent and preoccupies much of our lives. However, to borrow the Yiddish expression, “Vu koift men dus?” – where do we buy it? There are no easy answers or magic formulas.

The Jewish family and home are the cornerstones of our nation and the primary means of transmitting the Jewish Heritage. This transmission from parent to child, generally referred to as chinuch habanim, is one of the most important careers and endeavors of our lifetime and one of the areas in our family life that can always use improvement. Nevertheless, it is most complicated, as the human personality is far more complex than the most sophisticated electronic device or computer that will ever exist. The only clear and strong guide is our Holy Torah, and what we derive from it is the most reliable guide for understanding our children and ourselves.

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