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Injurer and Damager – Chovel u-Mazik

Theft – Geneivah

65. Theft – Geneivah It is forbidden to steal, as it says “You shall not steal”.1 A thief must pay double; and if he steals an ox or sheep and sells it (or gives it away) or slaughters it he pays for five oxen or four sheep [as it says “If a...
Injurer and Damager – Chovel u-Mazik

Damage by Property

K. Damages – Nezikin “In the eleventh book I will include commandments regarding the relationship between a man and his fellow-man in which damage to person or property is initially involved. And I have called this book the Book of Damages.” 64....
Injurer and Damager – Chovel u-Mazik

Baths – Mikvaos

63. Baths – Mikvaos A impure person or utensil (except for earthenware or glass) becomes pure by immersion in [a sufficient quantity of] water that is on the ground, as it says [“And he shall wash all his flesh in water and be impure until evening”,1...