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Posted on February 27, 2017 (5778) By Mordechai Lewis | Series: | Level:

“You will not be able to see My face, for no human can see My face and live.”

The Medrash explains, “In their lives, they cannot see Me, but they can see at the moment of death.”

Why can’t we see Hashem’s “face” and live?

Think of two magnets. Magnet “A” is bigger than magnet “B”. If you start to push magnet “B” closer and closer to magnet “A”, eventually magnet “B” attaches itself with tremendous force to magnet “A”.

We – are soul – are magnet “B”. Hashem is magnet “A” – the Master Magnet. If Hashem would get to close to us – i.e. reveal Himself – our soul would pop out of our body like a dybuk and return back to its Original Source.



  • In memory of: Miriam Liba bas R’ Aharon – a tzadeikes in our time; R’ Ayreh Moshe Eliyahu ben Shmuel, R’ Yisrael Meir ben R’ Ezriel, Avraham Yosef ben Meir Dovid, Zushe Yosef ben Shmuel Tzvi, Esther Perel bas R’ Shlomo, Miriam bas Zelig Shaul, Menachem ben Shimon, Menachem ben Zev, Dovid Tzvi ben Yosef Yochanan, Kayla Rus bas Bunim Tuvia, Dovid ben Uri HaLevi, Dovid Avraham ben Chiya Kehos, Rafael Chaim Yitzchak Yaakov ben Binyamin Yehudah, Yosef ben Moshe HaLevi, Tuvyah Shlomo ben Naftali Tzvi HaKohein, Altah Soshah Devorah bas Aryeh Leibush, Mashah Tzivyah bas R’ Shlomo Zalman, Shmuel Dovid HaLevi ben R’ Yosef Moshe HaLevi and all the other departed souls of our nation.


  • For the complete recovery of Chayah Malka bas Bas-Sheva, Menachem ben Rivka, Rivka bas Esther Rochel and among the other sick ones of our nation.


  • In the merit that: Hashem should help all singles find their zivug. Tanna D’vei Eliyahu Rabbah states that one must work in order to receive Hashem’s blessing, as can be derived from, “In order that Hashem, your G-d, will bless you in all your handiwork” – i.e., you must provide some handiwork for G-d’s blessing to be applied to (see The Six Constant Mitzvos by Rabbi Yehuda Heimowitz and Rabbi Shai Markowitz, page 80, note 8). Therefore, go to or call Tuvia Mayer at 1929-261-6738/ mtuvya@gmail.


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