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Posted on February 27, 2015 (5775) By Rabbi Label Lam | Series: | Level:

Take this poem please
With a full glass of wine
And drink it with ease
While on Purim you dine
History may not repeat
But it sure does rhyme
With a heart-like beat
Each and every time
For thousands of years
In every far flung land
A similar story appears
As if it’s all planned
And it is, you know
If you’re open to hear
Like the man Yisro
Ready to draw near
Time is of the essence
The pressure’s really on
To sense the ever presence
And to avoid oblivion
The vileness of violence
Crude cruelty on display
Punctuates each sentence
Of this very tragic play
We find ourselves again
In the middle of it all
As a scripted regimen
A perverse protocol
The hatred all about us
The Haman’s of the earth
Unified to doubt us
Diminish our self-worth
Whatever their motivation
Whichever their ugly ways
We are somehow a nation
Until the end of days
We remain resilient
Our record’s very long
Not because we’re brilliant
And not because we’re strong
When all is said and done
At the heart of every chapter
HASHEM and we are One-
The source of all the laughter!
We’ve lost many a battle
You’ll like this metaphor
Even if nerves now rattle
We will not lose the war!
Lies can have no life
Truth can’t be destroyed
So after all the strife
A new day is enjoyed!
Yes- courage is our food
Our faith is solid rock
And this is all previewed
From the birth of time’s old clock
So that’s the drink on Purim
Laced in ancient wine
That we will out endure ‘m
All this by design
So that’s the drink on Purim
Laced in ancient wine
That we will out endure ‘m
And this will be our sign!
L’Chaim DvarTorah, Copyright © 2007 by Rabbi Label Lam and