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By Rabbi Aron Tendler | Series: | Level:

Isaiah 42:5 – 43:10
This week’s Haftorah continues the Parsha’s theme of creation and speciation as the foundation for understanding why G-d created the universe.

Yishayah began his prophecy by expressing our daily statement, “Who constantly renews creation on a daily basis through His goodness.” G-d did not just set in motion the forces of creation and nature. G-d maintains the universe in an act of continuos creation.

Yishaya then expressed one of the single most famous mission statements of our people, “I have protected you and appointed you to bring the people to the covenant, to be a light for the nations…” Ultimately, the separation of the Jews is to teach the other nations how to recognize the hand of G-d in the workings of nature.

In the course of history, the Jews would fail in their assigned task, yet, G-d assures us that throughout that history He was there to protect us. “So that you will know and believe in Me…”