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Kol HaKollel, "Voice of the Kollel," emerges from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Each week brings a different perspective and outlook from one of the scholars of the Milwaukee Kollel. Six members of the Kollel participate in this collaborative effort to extract the Torah's eternal truths, the timeless ethics that are the essential lessons of life, contained in the Torah's narrative. The scholars of the Kollel present you with the profound insights of our Sages, with practical implications and applications for the modern 21st century Jew.

Articles on Ki Savo and Elul / Rosh Hashanah
It's Never Too Late
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5765
Strike While the Iron is Hot
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5765
Recognizing His Gifts
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5764
Starting From Scratch
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5764
Successful Search
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5764
Diving Deep
Rabbi Moshe Peretz Gilden, 5763
Happy New Year!
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5762
The Act of Investing
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5762
Plotting Our Course for the Coming Year
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch, 5761

If you'd like, you can see the list of all archived Kol Hakollel articles, or the index to all archived Torah Portion articles.

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It's a Nice Soft Suicide…
Rabbi Label Lam - 5772

One Man's Curse - Another Man's Blessing
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5761

The Art of Jewish Prayer
Rabbi Pinchas Winston - 5766

Looking for a Chavrusah?

Jealous of a Bird?
Rabbi Yaakov Menken - 5759

Past, Present, and Future
Rabbi Berel Wein - 5763

Fruit of Gratitude
Rabbi Dovid Green - 5760

> An Opportunity Not To Be Missed
Rabbi Yehudah Prero - 5758

Bikkurim - Basket Case
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5765

Plotting Our Course for the Coming Year
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch - 5761

Frumster - Orthodox Jewish Dating

Molded Future
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner - 5757

Successful Search
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch - 5764

The ‘Living’ Torah
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5766


Shofar - Past and Present
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner - 5762

We Will Survive
Rabbi Berel Wein - 5766

The Reward of a Mitzvah
Rabbi Osher Chaim Levene - 5768

You Gotta Believe (in Yourself)!
Shlomo Katz - 5774

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