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We are delighted to offer the opportunity to dedicate a class, whether in honor of a happy occasion such as a Bar Mitzvah or wedding, for a more somber reason such as a refuah (healing) or a yahrtzeit, or for any reason you find appropriate. Your dedication will appear at the top of the class as emailed to subscribers, and will remain on our website.

Please contact us via email at rabbis @
(please remove the spaces around the @-sign, which were inserted to thwart spammers)

Phone: 888-WWW-TORA(H) or +1-410-602-1350
Fax: (410) 510-1053

We look forward to hearing from you!

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    The Story The fourth grade was excited to begin their class trip to the Museum of Science. The children gathered in front of their school, near the bright yellow school bus and waited as their teacher joined them. “Okay, boys and girls, “ called out their teacher, Mrs. Stein, “The bus doors are going to […]

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    “The families of the children of Korach would encamp on the side of the Tabernacle, to the south.” — Bamidbar 3:29 Yissochor and Zevulun became the teachers and supporters of Torah Rashi quotes the Medrash, “Yissochor and Zevulun became great in Torah because their tents were placed next to the tents of Moshe, Aharon, and […]


    It is forbidden to capture an animal (see 308:19;316:1-8,12) unless it might injure people (see 316:7,9;328:45). It is forbidden to kill an animal (see Yoreh De’ah 11:2;28:3,16) or cause it to bleed (see 316:8-9) unless it is dangerous or is chasing someone (see 316:10). It is permitted to alleviate an animal’s suffering (305:9,18-20;332:3-4), but other […]

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    The year was 1991, and world attention was focused on Israel, which was under threat of missile attack from Iraq. The government feared that chemical weapons would be used, and so everyone lined up to collect their gas masks. Israel prepared for the worst possible scenario. Frustrated with the atmosphere of fear that filled the […]

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