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Posted on February 1, 2018 (5778) By Rabbi Label Lam | Series: | Level:

“I am HASHEM, your G-d, Who took you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall not have the gods of others in My presence. (Shemos 20:3-4)

The Ten Commandments are not a random sample of 613 Mitzvos. No! This is what the Almighty Himself had been waiting 2448 years to say only once to the world. There must be an order and a grand method to what at first glance may seem maddeningly confusing. Using a meaning style of translation, I am going to attempt to summarize them and a way that shows how they are organized as a logical flow chart of ideas that envelops each of us and introduces us to ultimate reality.

1-I AM HASHEM! I am reality, the source of all reality. You are my creations. I am aware and care for each and every one of you.

2-Now don’t try to confuse this notion by looking for an intermediary of your choice so you can delude yourself into believing you’ve been granted permission to do whatever you want. This is an exercise in futility. It’s a departure from Ultimate Reality and it disconnects you from Me. Make a serious study of the 3 or 4 generations before you and notice that to the extent that they have been loyal to Me there is a continuity of blessedness. Observe the chaotic results of those who deviate. Be warned though, if you still wish to follow their errant ways it is then your own doing.

3-Do not act out in My Name claiming your atrocities are an extension of My will. Don’t speak falsely in My Name. This is the ultimate form of identity theft. How dare you hijack My Holy Name for your evil designs and counterfeit sayings and I never uttered and I do not support to further your perverted agenda.

4-The demonstration that you are aware and the true training ground to expand the awareness of My existence as the author and director of heaven and earth is achieved by “letting go” and joining Me on the Holy Shabbos, for one full day of just being…

5-There you will meet the ones who were chosen to bring you into this world. This is where I have placed you with those parents with that DNA, and with that nose and those siblings. It is they who labored most to raise you up. To the extent that you appreciate their concrete display of kindliness can you then extrapolate and relate to Me. In that home you will witness models of mortal G-dliness. When you are of age, you will hopefully wish to be such a model extending the mission of making My name known to yet another generation.

6-Now this knowledge of G-d’s supremacy must translate into actions between man and man. Therefore you must know not to wantonly take another’s life. You are not the author of creation. (So 6 & 1 are related) The more you will be aware of your G-dly standing and to the extent you see that image of G-d in another, killing will be repulsive to you. Know, the opposite is also true.

7-Do not interfere with the perfection of another. Although you have not killed him, but by interfering with the relationship he has with his wife you have muddied the mirror that brings him to his perfection. Like idolatry adultery seems like a slight departure but it creates terrible confusion and destruction. (So 7 & 2 are related)

8-You might think that you can help yourself to his stuff. How does that harm him? Even his external property is sacred. Do not take what is not yours. Theft is like identity theft. (8 & 3 are related)

9-Now you might say, “So what if I affect my neighbor with just words and leverage his possessions in a legal setting. No! Not even with words! Shabbos is a true testimony. (9 & 4 relate)

10- Nowyou must internalize the original IDEAL into the bowels of your being. Your every action, word, and even your private thoughts are meant to be permeated with the knowledge that I HASHEM. I have given every person the precise tools they need to succeed and what is your is yours and what is not is not is not helpful. Here reality rules! Just as your parents are your parents, your neighbor’s stuff is his. His glasses and his medicines will not be beneficial for you either. (Hence 10 & 5 relate)

The final exam of your having understood the first of the Ten Commandments is the serenity you will experience in having accepted first your peculiar place and your private properties, and your personal G-d. The Ten Commandments are here to serve as the ultimate orientation to the ultimate reality.