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    Making or removing a partition a handsbreadth wide, even if it is temporary, is forbidden if it is a roof or is a wall that serves a religious purpose, but if a handsbreadth of such a wall or roof already existed before the Sabbath, temporary addition to it is permitted; see 315:1-2,4,9-10. Temporary partitions are […]

  • Korban Tamid

    By reciting the Torah’s description of the sacrifices, it is considered as if we actually offered them (Taanis 27b). Our Sages arranged our recitation of these verses as if we were actually bringing an animal as a sacrifice on the altar. For this reason familiarity with the halachos of these sacrifices is important, for they […]

  • Chapter Twenty-Eight

    The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reported a new phenomenon: Starlings have begun to sing new songs — tunes picked up from the ringing melodies of cellular phones. This statement has an element of truth that renders it too real to be fiction. Our world today has become one huge stage where everything […]


      Adapted from an essay by Rebbetzin Sara E. Freifeld “All Israel has a share in the World to Come, as it is said: And your people are righteous; they shall inherit the land forever; a branch of My plantings, My handiwork, in which to take pride (Isaiah 60:21). Each year as I open Pirkei […]

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