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  • Mishna 10-11(a): Following in our Footsteps

    “Rabban Yochanan ben (son of) Zakkai had five [primary] students. They were: Rabbi Eliezer ben Hurkenos, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya, Rabbi Yossi the Priest, Rabbi Shimon ben Nesanel, and Rabbi Elazar ben Arach.” Mishna 11 “He used to enumerate their praises: R. Eliezer ben Hurkenos is a cemented pit which never loses a drop; R. […]

  • Whose Torah?

    BS”D Volume 31, No. 30 2 Sivan 5777 May 27, 2017 Sponsored by the Katz family on the yahrzeits of Avigdor Moshe ben Avraham Abba Hakohen Katz a”h and the other kedoshim of Oyber Visheve, Hungary, Hy”d This coming week, we observe Shavuot, the time of the Giving of the Torah. Regarding that event, the […]

  • More Clear Year After Year

    I have been thinking a lot recently about something I heard many years ago at an alumni dinner. It’s a deeply profound and elegant explanation given by a friend from “Yeshiva days”, who tragically passed away just this week. He was a young man, a father, a friend, a Tzadik. He briefly shared with me […]

  • Everyone Counts

    “…according to the number of names…”(1:3) Chazal refer to the fourth book of the Torah as Sefer HaPekudim – The Book Of Counting. Presumably this is because of the census found in this week’s Parsha. However, this is not the first census Bnei YisroeI took. We find a similar census in Sefer Shemos. What is […]

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