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Question: In what way are money and clothes kosher? what are the laws concerning money and clothes?

Answer: You are asking a very good question, about a topic that many people don’t know.

The Torah forbids us to wear clothes made of a mixture of wool and linen. This is called ‘Shatnez’ and is mentioned a couple of times in the Torah. All other mixtures of materials are permitted, but clothing should always be checked for shatnez (there are many ‘shatnez laboratories’ across the globe). Sometimes even a pure wool garment is found to have linen thread holding the buttons on, or the shoulder padding may be linen, etc.

Kosher money is a less specific term. There are laws about money, e.g. the prohibition in lending with interest, and giving 10 percent of earnings to charity. Often, though, people refer to non-kosher money when it was earned in dodgy, or unethical ways.

Rabbi David Sedley