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By Rabbi Dr. Azriel Rosenfeld | Series: | Level:
  • BEHEMAH – A class of kosher domestic animals (cattle, sheep, and goats); see Ch.2.
  • CHALLAH – a dough-offering set aside when bread is baked; seeCh.27.
  • CHAYAH – a kosher animal other than A BEHEMAH; see Ch.2.
  • CHELEV – forbidden fat of a BEHEMAH; see Ch.2.
  • CHEREM – a ban, or an oath whose violation is subject to a ban; see Chs.16,29.
  • GID HA-NASHEH – the sciatic nerve; see Ch.2.
  • KADDISH – a prayer recited by mourners; see Ch.32.
  • KOHEN (pl. KOHANIM) – descendants of Aaron who served as priests in the Temple.
  • MAASER (pl. MAASROS) – a tithe set aside from crops; see Ch.28.
  • MEZUZAH – a scroll containing passages from the Torah, attached to a doorpost; see Ch.23.
  • NEZIFAH – a sanction imposed by a rabbi on a disrespectful person; see Ch.29.
  • NIDDAH – a woman who is ritually impure because of menstruation; see Ch.14.
  • NIDDUI – a preliminary ban; see Ch.29.
  • SHATNEZ – a mixture of wool and linen; see Ch.25.
  • SIRCHAH (pl. SIRCHOS) – an adhesion; see Ch.4.
  • TEREFAH– an animal or bird that has a defect; see Chs. 2,4.
  • TERUMAH – an offering set aside from crops; see Ch.28.
  • TEVEL – crops from which TERUMAH and tithes have not been set aside; see Ch.28.

Shulchan Aruch, Copyright (c) 1999 Project Genesis, Inc.

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