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Posted on February 9, 2017 (5778) By Avroham Y Ross | Series: | Level:

Earlier this week, I was feeling tremendously overwhelmed by all of these demands which seemed to keep popping up no matter where I turned. In order to overcome this feeling of anxiety, I had to find a solution which would help me build a constructive plan to navigate life with all of its twists and turns.

In order to develop an answer to this dilemma, I looked at what the Alter Rebbe wrote in Tanya over the last few days. When a person is in a fight with someone, he won’t win if he is weaker. Therefore, if someone is weaker, meaning unhappy or depressed by the big list of tasks, then nothing will get done.

When life gets hard, sometimes we need to individualize our response. Instead of taking on the world and all of your problems at once and getting overwhelmed, let’s focus on overcoming one challenge at a time. One good deed at a time will lead to the coming of moshiach and reunite us with our loved ones!

Good shabbos

All the best,
Avroham Y Ross