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Posted on April 6, 2020 (5780) By Shlomo Katz | Series: | Level:

Fourteen years ago, we were fortunate to be able to compile Divrei Torah on Pesach and the Haggadah from the 19 years of Hamaayan/The Torah Spring up to that point. We are grateful to our loyal readers who gave us a reason to do this. This year, being unable to get to a Seforim store to buy a new Haggadah, we decided it was time to create a new compilation of Divrei Torah on Pesach and the Haggadah that have appeared since our original Haggadah. Both of these Haggados are available below. Again, we thank all of you who continue to read Hamaayan/The Torah Spring and make our work so rewarding.

Download the HaMaayan Haggadah:

Volume I, and Volume II

We wish you a happy, healthy and Kosher Pesach!

Shlomo Katz