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Posted on December 22, 2017 By | Level:

Question: Is there a chapter of Psalms that is a  Segulah (spiritual remedy) for livelihood, to pay off credit cards bills? Also for health and finding a marriage partner? How can get my life unstuck? 

Answer: Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Psalm 23 is said to be appropriate for parnassah. Parshas HaMann (the section of the Torah describing the incidents with the Manna bread), which can find in the Artscroll prayer book, is also known as a Segulah for livelihood. Psalm 30 is said to be a Segulah for health. Shir Hashirim, Song of Songs, is said to be a Segulah for marriage.

However, in addition to these things, simple Emunah, faith, heartfelt prayer, combined with practical advice are also valuable.

With wishes for a good year,
Rabbi Yitzchak Kolakowski