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Posted on February 27, 2018 (5778) By Rabbi Label Lam | Series: | Level:

Everyone is obligated to read (or listen to the reading of) the Megilla (Shulchan Aruch 689)

Why do we read or wash our ears with the words of the Megilla? What happens? While listening for the role of words spoken in the story of the Megilla, consider please the source of all its words! What are words anyway?

A Word about Words…

The word “word” is kind of weird
It’s words all the way …you know
Back to that black fire on white fire
Before there was a world
And then, with a word or two
Light came to be…
That’s heavy
I guess it matters WHO says the word
A parrot’s word is worth-less

A human’s word’s worth more
Yes, we create the value of our own words
Depending on how closely we and the word

Align with TRUTH
Words can be abused and misused
Words don’t kill… people do!

So let’s not blame words for what people do with them
So what are words?
Time capsules: From the human heart
Mined from the sublime mind
They are vessels… rockets…launched
Wrapped with sounds
And delivered with cadence
Silence carves words out of noise
Utterances build up to words from silence
Words are not human creations
Yet they are our chemistry set
We can create and destroy with words
Bring closer and cast away with words
Live and die by words
Words are worth millions
Then how can talk be cheap?
It’s no mistake
Trauma rhymes with drama
But so does mamma
And time rhymes with rhyme

but so does mime
Nothing rhymes with orange
Not even tangerine
Words are delicious…Words are malicious
Words can make you happy
Words can make you cry

A word make you…A word can break you
A word is powerful…

A word is real
A word must be kept…

Sometimes it must be kept secret
Sometimes it must be revealed
Sometimes it must be repealed
Sometimes there are no words
Sometimes words are not adequate
Sometimes we eat our words
Sometimes our words bite us
Sometimes we tire of words
It’s easy to understand why
Words are like arrows shot with force
Words are like fire to be handled with care
Words are like monuments carved forever in books

Words are like seeds

Living beyond our term limits here
Asking not what your nation can do for you

but what you can do for your nation

Words are like diamonds to be polished

First in the mind and through peer review
Then those words make us shine
When we become what we say
It’s words at work
I can give you my word
I can hear you loud and clear
We can share words
We can connect with words
We can open doors with words please G-d, thank you
And slam doors shut with words –

till the last syllable of recorded history
Not in a million years
Words can be soiled…relationships spoiled
Words can be pure and words can cure
Words can lend comfort and words can cause fright

Words are wondrous beyond words…
Poets play with and intoxicate with words
And so what’s a meta-phor!?
Words are a ladder to heaven on which

A man can climb to angelic stations…
to rungs that make a right
Some have stumbled down with words
Way down…Oy Vay Down
Words are no joke
But you can joke with words… seriously
With words we say hello

With words we say goodbye

Words can open minds with probing questions…

Ever wonder what exists beyond words!?


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