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By Rabbi Aron Tendler | Series: | Level:

Isaiah 51:12 -52:12
G-d, speaking through Yishayuhu the Navi, contrasts the situation of Israel while in exile to the way things will be at the time of Her redemption. In many ways it continues the Parsha’s theme of justice. “…Behold I took from you the cup of weakness… and I will place it into the hand of those who cause you to wander…” (51:22-23) Ultimately, Israel will be returned to the Land and our oppressors will be punished.

In the last section of the Haftorah (52:7-9) the Navi prophesies the coming of Eliyahu Hanavi who will herald the arrival of Mashiach and the rebuilding of Yeruyshalayim. “How beautiful are the feet of the herald on the mountains announcing peace, heralding good tidings, announcing salvation…”

Our soon to be announced redemption is the greatest consolation that G-d could offer his children.